• zebrafish system

Services Overview

We provide the following services:


  • Accroding to the customer needs, customize the architecture system.
  • Provide customers with our planning as a reference.
  • Provide customers with our customized architecture system for choice.
  • Provide overall system project, budget and planning reports.


  • Design the architecture sysyem by the customer needs and combinate others aquatic systems.
  • Discuss and organize the whole design with our customer demand, offer consept of whole ssystem.
  • Integrate existing related structures and equipment.

Construction supervision:

  • According to customer design drawings, supervision of construction quality and progress.
  • If required to detail the process of change is immediately corrected.

System equipment:

  • Zebrafish life support aqua system.
  • High-density recirculating aquaculture systems.
  • Laboratory breeding aquarium life support system and equipment.
  • Algae filtration system.
  • Recycled water system.
  • Algal culture system.
  • Food organisms equipment.
  • UV water high flow system.
  • Water filtration equipment.
  • Water quality monitoring system.
  • RFID monitoring system.
  • Mechanical and electrical system construction.


斑馬魚實驗動物模式推廣- 水生動物實驗一條龍服務

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