• zebrafish system

Aqua Dosing System

Includes the following two componenet:

Trickle System:

  • Upper storage tank use PVC material
  • Automatic water replenishment device
  • 100 liters of water


Quantitative Dosing Machine:

  • Maximum and minimum amount of water is 65ml/min and 6.5 ml/min.
  • The first adjusted scale is recommended t10. When the effluent smooth, then adjust the flow rate.
  • Follow the scale number, adjust the water ratio, such as 10 to 65ml/min and 5 is 32.5ml/min.
  • Adjust the output volume, first release the butterfly screws to the required scale, and then lock.
  • During the dosing, should pay attention to the amount of pharmaceutical remaining, device can not pump empty.



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